The Founder, Salman Shagaya Foundation


Alhaji Sherif Shagaya, founder of Salman Shagaya Foundation, is an economist by training, business mogul and philanthropist. He leads his humanitarian vision and passion through the creation and activities of his founded non-governmental organization, Salman Shagaya Foundation and for several years has been a leader in the non-profit and philanthropic sectors across Nigeria. Being a progressive leader in human/capacity development ventures and various charity quest providing assistance to the youth, needy and less privileged.

He has led the team in several initiatives that has resulted in development and transformation in several states of the federation of Nigeria, the most significant of which has been in Kwara State, with numerous beneficiaries.

Sherif Shagaya is a successful business magnate, while he sits on numerous boards and also leading top organizations in one of the thriving sectors/industries of the economy.

Salman Shagaya Foundation under Sherif Shagaya

Under the tutelage and altruistic drive of the founder, in the person of Alhaji Sherif Shagaya. The Foundation over the years has since recorded a significant amount of  impact with beneficiaries  that has spread across several area of concentration, some of which includes providing capacity building and development in areas of;  ICT/ technology trainings, construction and building technology skills, electrical installation skills, life skills.

Most significantly, the founder Alhaji Sherif Shagaya through Salman Shagaya foundation introduced a solar home system programme this year, 2019, to provide each home with a solar power whereby they have 24-hour electricity starting with 100 homes in Ilorin West.