Salman Shagaya Foundation | ICT Curriculum

Salman Shagaya Foundation with the advent of their ICT Curriculum training scheme concate Mobile phone repair as well as computer maintenance and assembly continue to be important areas of youth job training and employment in many regions around the world. In cities throughout the developing world, the ICT and electronics markets where mobile phones are sold and repaired serve as many people’s first interactions with technology as well as a huge source of employment and entrepreneurship.

Salman Shagaya Foundation offer youth skills training in device repair, local employment opportunities, as well as business training for local micro enterprises.

Computer literacy: refers to the ability to use computers and related technologies, from end-users to IT professionals. It is generally understood as the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use hardware and software components.

Basic Computer Skills

1. Understanding basic computer terminology and concepts;
2. Understanding operating system, programs, and data;
3. Managing files

Intermediate Computer Skills

1. Performing basic functions of common productivity programs (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation)
2. Using email and web browser;
3. Installing software and hardware.

Advanced Computer Skills

This may inlcude:
1. Programming;
2. Using advanced features of productivity programs;
3. Fixing simple computer problems.

Notable is the fact that computer literacy at the intermediate level is becoming required for almost every job.