Salman Shagaya Foundation | Electrical Installations

As part of our essentials at Salman Shagaya Foundation, Beneficiaries and Students learn to undertake electrical installations within a domestic property. This package of learning will give students the skills to undertake a variety of domestic electrical installations, adhering to Building Regulations as well as being able to test the installation.

The Electrical training course entails:

1. Electrical Health and Safety
2. Electricity at Work Regulations
3. Ohms Law
4. 2 way lighting circuits
5. 2 way lighting and intermediate circuits
6. Radial power circuits (cooker points etc)
7. Ring final circuits (sockets)
8. Earthing and bonding procedures
9. Selecting cable sizes and calculating load demands
10. Safe Isolation procedures
11. Identifying Three Phase Systems
12. Electrical calculations
13. Use of multimeters to measure resistance, voltage and current
14. Understand the scope, object and fundamental principles of installations
15. Understand the definitions used Understand how to assess the general characteristics of electrical installations
16. Understand requirements of Protection for safety for electrical installations
17. Understand the requirements for Selection and erection of equipment for electrical installations
18. Understand the requirements of Inspection and testing of electrical installations
19. Understand the requirements of special installations or locations.