Salman Shagaya Foundation

Salman Shagaya Foundation, an NGO founded by Alhaji Sherif Shagaya, is an innovative organisation working to increase the quality, quantity and diversity of opportunities for communities, by facilitating public-private funded initiatives so as to improve the welfare of these communities. Our core priorities have been to develop a knowledge base and train selected individuals from target communities on highly lucrative skills.

Our ethos is to inspire and empower communities to ensure a sustainable future. With efforts focused on assisting young people, associated institutions and community organisations, we are positioned to contribute to the national long-term progress.

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    What People are saying..

    • I was able to increase my employment capital to 400 percent under six months. I really appreciate Alh. Sherif. May God bless him.

    • I want to appreciate Shagaya for helping me with money to treat my daughter who had been sick for about six years as a result of an accident.

      Mama Okaka, Kwara State
    • I am so full of Joy today and I want to thank Shagaya for helping me with money to pay the school fees of my child. I pray that their life too will be full of Joy and not sorrow.

    • Salman Shagaya Foundation donates 2 million naira for the heart surgery of our six year old son.

      Mr and Mrs Issa
      Mr and Mrs Issa


    Quarterly Relief Money Scheme
    Saturday 28th of September, 2019 | LGEA Primary School Oke – Apomu, Ilorin.